EV Charging Station


AC Charging (Slow Charging) : The AC Charger is the most common charging method for electric vehicles with a plug.

DC Charging (Fast Charging) : The DC Charger converts the power before it enters the vehicle. After conversion, the power goes directly into the car battery, bypassing the car’s converter.



Type 2 AC Charger

  • Single-phase 3.5KW (16A)
  • Single Phase 4KW (32A) Single & Dual Gun
  • Three Phase 11KW (16A)
  • Three Phase 22KW (32A)
There are variants of an AC charger based on the use case. It may have wi-fi option for connection to the charging management system, an RFID for Authentication, a Display or a combination of them

DC Charging (Fast Charging)

  • Single-gun or dual-gun DC Charger
  • GB/T Single or Dual Gun with 5M Cable.
  • 7-inch LCD Display
  • Max. 95% power efficiency.
  • OCPP 1.6J Enabled
  • WiFi for network connections.
  • Robust enclosure with a floor mounting option.
  • Inbuilt protection & Metering

Type of Installation

Approx. Charging Time

AC Charger

DC Fast Charger

Public Charging Station

< 30 Minutes

Yes. 3 Phase (11-22KW)


Commercial Fleet

< 1 Hour & Overnight

Yes. 3 Phase (11-22KW)


Company / Office

7-8 Hours

Yes (3.7 to 22KW)

Not Necessary


3-4 Hours & Overnight

Yes. 3 Phase (11-22KW)

Not Necessary

Public Parking

2-3 Hours

Yes. 3 Phase (22KW)

Not Necessary

Single Family Home

7-8 Hours (Overnight)

Yes. 1 Phase (3.7-7.4KW)

Not required

Multi Family Home

< 1 Hour & Overnight

Yes. 3 Phase (11-22KW)