Solar Street Light System

Solar Street Light System

Features of Solar Street Lights

  • Automatic dawn-to-dusk feature
  • Dimming option
  • Well suited for all climate conditions
  • High efficiency LiFePo4 battery
  • Economic and cost-effective
  • Longer backup
  • Panel direction can be changed
  • Faster charging since the solar panels used are bigger
  • Low maintenance
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Durable metal or ABS body

LED Chip:

  • SMD3030, high-brightness LED Chip, energy saving, environmental protection, long life time 

Lamp Housing:

  • High quality die-cast aluminum, Durable lamp body 
  • Not easy to oxidize, long life

Solar Panel

  • High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels
  • Large area photo voltaic panel, fast charging 


  • Lithium Battery with BMS- (Thermal & Balancing)

GI Pole

  • GI Pole: Made up of 1.5 mm GI Sheet

Installation Method:

  • The first installation requires a photovoltaic panel to be activated. Put the product in the sun or use strong light to illuminate the panel. After activation, it will enter automatic mode; it will automatically light up at night


  • Express ways, Highways, Major roads, secondary roads, Industrial roads, and Residential roads